Meet SFC’s Summer Interns!


{SFC Summer Interns: Alice, Selena, Kerryanne. *Not Pictured Victoria}

St. Francis Center is always looking to expand its reach and impact on our community. As a non-profit we have a small staff and rely on others to volunteer their time in Serving Hope to the hundreds of guests who come to our doors each day. SFC feels honored to host a group of interns this summer who have chosen to selflessly dedicate their energy to helping us with our mission to feed, serve and walk with the poor as a community of hope. Although these four women come from different backgrounds and experiences each is passionate about serving others and learning new ways to make a difference in their lives.

Kerryann says, “I want to intern here because I want to be part of an environment where the homeless are treated with respect and greeted with smiling faces. I hope that SFC can be a starting point for the people of the community by helping them relieve the burden of even just one meal in order to be able to afford their cost of living for the time being so that eventually, they can save their money and lift themselves out of poverty.”
Over the last month the interns have been an integral part of each aspect of SFC’s operations creating a rewarding experience in their learning process.
Victoria says her favorite part about working at the Center is the personal interaction she gets with guests. “A lot of my friends who are interns at other organizations just sit behind a desk and file paperwork all day. Obviously logistical and administrative work is an important and necessary part of working at any organization, but I think that it’s really unique that I get the opportunity to work directly with the people who come into the center.”
If you are interested in volunteer or intern opportunities at SFC please contact us at 213.747.5347 x 111 or [email protected]