Meet Thurman ~ Another SFC Success Story!

June 29, 2016

We are excited to introduce you to Thurman, a guest of SFC for over a year who has recently experienced success in improving his life and changing his current circumstances. Thurman has been attending breakfast services for the homeless while living at the LA Mission. He is taking computer classes and working on a street maintenance team through Chrysalis Enterprises. Thurman will begin truck driving classes this week and hopes to get a cross country route when he is done to see more of the country.

“I am a single dad in the pursuit of a gratifying career in truck driving, in the hope of finding the happiness of being the dependable father to my daughter April. She graduates from High School next year and I would love to be there as someone she is proud to call her father.”

Proper nutrition and hygiene are pillars of our mission to Serving Hope to those in need and making it possible for them to change their lives for the better.

Will you help us make success stories like Thurman’s a reality for all our guests?

Yes! I want to donate $5.75 to feed 5 warm meals to the homeless.

Yes! I want to donate $70 to feed a homeless individual for 1 month.

Yes! I want to donate $260 to feed 225 homeless individuals for a day.