Community Volunteer Spotlight~Mothers Get Involved

IMG_4777May 11, 2016 • Last Saturday SFC held a special event to celebrate Mother’s Day with our extremely-low income pantry guests. 47 mothers received a framed portrait of their families, provided by local photographer Jon Endow, along with roses, candy and jewelry, generously donated by a volunteer group. Refreshments were served and there was a station where kids were able to create personalized Mother’s Day cards and pictures.

Most of the women that come for pantry service are single mothers that struggle just to put food on the table for their families. Many are so grateful to SFC that they have chosen to give back to the programs on which they so deeply rely by regularly volunteering during pantry service.  Since they are knowledgeable on how the program works, they are able to interact and help other guests more efficiently. This type of service also instills in them a sense of pride and dignity, which we believe is key to restoring hope and leading to a positive change.

Maria, a volunteer of 10 years, says she enjoys sharing recipes with guests as they pick up groceries and loves feeling a sense of unity with the community. To Maria the most important thing is her dedication to her children, so she aims to lead by example and show them how to give back and contribute in a positive way.

A donation of just $14 will provide a bag a groceries to feed a family for a week. Will you help SFC continue Serving Hope?