Happy National Volunteer Week!

April 13, 2016 • St. Francis Center is so grateful for the 3,500 volunteers that dedicated over 21,000 hours to Serving Hope in the last year. The Center’s small staff distributes over 1 million pounds of food through our programs and volunteers play a vital role in supporting every aspect of SFC’s daily operations.

Volunteer Group Spotlight

For the last 8 years, Punk Rock Marthas has been an integral partner to SFC and our mission to feed, serve and walk with the poor as a community of hope. Formed on a high school campus in 2007 by Anji Williams, this group aims to get youth involved in bettering their world through volunteerism. Every other Saturday this incredible team cooks and serves breakfast to the homeless, often bringing personal touches like fresh donuts and organic salsa for our guests to enjoy. They also have collected books, and most recently shoes, for children of our pantry guests.
Find out more about the Punk Rock Marthas below:

How did you find out about the Center & get involved?
We volunteered at a Christmas event, which turned into us making lunch twice a month, which evolved into us making breakfast.

 What is the group’s favorite part about volunteering?
A lot of Marthas move away to college and find it hard to get involved, groups and venues and schedules don’t align. This is the one opportunity we always come back to because it’s the most meaningful. Kids skip a Cancun spring break to wake up at the crack of dawn to come volunteer-that shows it’s intrinsic, that they feel like they’re really doing something when they’re here.

What is your hope for the future of SFCLA & our community?
We hope that one day, we’ll have to come tutor kids or help out in other ways because there won’t be such a need for meal service because there won’t be homeless people. We hope we’ll be enriching already stable lives because they have their basic needs met.

If you are interested in #ServingHope with SFC, please contact our volunteer coordinator: [email protected] or 213.747.5347 x 111.