Meet Lionel~A True SFCLA Success Story!

March 9, 2016 • Every other Saturday the dedicated members of the Order of Malta serve a fully cooked, hot breakfast to SFCLA’s homeless guests. Equipped with special hygiene kits and socks, this wonderful group of volunteers is always willing to greet each person with a smile and treat them with respect, truly embodying the essence of our mission.

Recently Order of Malta featured SFCLA guest and US Army veteran Lionel in their newsletter. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“In the early 2000’s, Lionel fell on hard times. He lost several jobs and found himself living on the streets. Lionel was homeless for over seven years. He stumbled across St. Francis Center while looking for something to eat. After discovering the St. Francis Center, he eventually enrolled in the relatively-new Veterans Program. About 30 people are currently enrolled in the program. As an enrolled veteran, Lionel has access to showers and mail service, and is eligible to participate in the pantry and breakfast programs. St. Francis Center connected Lionel to representatives from the Veterans Administration working at Bob Hope Patriotic Hall. The VA helped him obtain a HUD voucher for transitional housing. Lionel now has his own apartment and is working part-time at a fireplace installation company.

Lionel cheerfully assists Order of Malta volunteers on most Saturdays by greeting guests and helping with coffee service. He says he is grateful to St. Francis Center for ‘helping get myself back together’ and credits SFC for helping ‘bring back’ his faith.”

We are so grateful to have Order of Malta as a partner in Serving Hopeto guests like Lionel. See pictures of this incredible group in action on Facebook & Instagram!

If you are feeling inspired by Lionel’s story, donate or volunteer today, to help SFCLA continue Serving Hope!