Meet the talented winners of SFC’s first art contest!

February 3, 2016 • Last month SFC held its first art contest for guests who utilize our programs. We believe by giving our guests the means and opportunity to share their artistic gifts, we are restoring hope needed to lead to positive change. Meet the winners:

Homeless Art Contest Winner This is the Homeless Art Winner, Rubeny Lipania. He chose to create a  painting about addiction, a problem that faces many of our homeless guests. Rubeny depicted the vices of addiction and the way the body is affected while battling this disease. However, in the top left corner, there is an image of hope as a woman turns to Christ to overcome her addiction and is physically rejuvenated. Rubeny said that he felt St. Francis Center was a place where someone could come for nourishment even if burdened by addiction.

Pantry Art Contest Winner 2Pantry Art Winner Rayzel De la Cruz is a 3rd grader whose family comes to SFC each week for services. Rayzel said she is so grateful to the Center for providing the things her family needs but cannot afford, like healthy food options. She says coming to SFC makes her family smile, so she wanted to create a drawing that included her favorite animal: panda bears. Each bear represents a member of her family, including her mom and sisters.